It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Relish Your Chef Giveaway

It’s the Holiday 2016 season and it’s time to party!  Slip on the velvet, party shoes and red lipstick because it’s time to gussy up in party finery.  Shouldn’t your hostess gift that you bring to your party be just as dandy? Instead of bringing just a bottle of wine for a hostess gift; this year, think fun sparkly items that the host and hostess will really get a pop out of!

I have compiled some of my favorite things into a hostess gift package that any hostess would just bubble over with excitement to receive.  Check out @relishyourchef on Instagram and Facebook  this Thursday, 12/8/2016  to learn about an exciting giveaway to win, YES, ALL OF THE ITEMS LISTED HERE!  WOW! Party in a box!

  1. Get things started with a bottle of bubbly, Perrier Jouet is always quite nice.  If this is going to a teen or non drinker, try one of those sparkling lemonades instead.
  2. Knot & Bow Confetti Balloon.  This balloon is IMMENSE and filled with silvery confetti, Boom! Easy to blow up and when it pops it’s just like Times Square!
  3. Amy Sedaris “I Like You” Cupcake Sprinkles.  Calling these sprinkles does not do them justice.  These are the happiest, most colorful and tasty sprinkles you will ever eat in a giant tub.  You can’t look at them and not smile.
  4. Amy Sedaris “I Like You” Juice Glasses.  My favorite glasses – Why?  For one, the recipient of these glasses is sure to feel appreciated and happy. Two, when you personally drink out of them, it’s a self affirming prophecy :).  Kids feel special when drinking out of these glasses too.  A nice cold glass of milk really makes the letters pop.
  5. & 6.  Sugarfina Champagne Bears and “Bubbles”  Clean, elegant candy MADE with Dom Perignon in stylish packaging.  Pretty delish.  Non-alcoholic (Also available locally at Sickles Market, Little Silver)
  6. See above
  7. MYdrap Cotton Cocktail Napkins.  I couldn’t believe these napkins when I touched them, they are quite regal.  They are made out of cotton and are on a roll, like a roll of perforated paper towel.  The color selection is divine.  And you may either use them one time OR reuse up to 6 times and wash in the washing machine!  Fabulous!

You can put together some or all of these gifts into a stunning hostess party box!
‘Tis the season for soirées!

Hope to see you at the holiday giveaway!


“The most important thing is to enjoy yourself and have a good time” C.Z. Guest