Yes, I Take Requests

Love Chef Marcy Ragan

Do you find that January is a time of reflection? Even though it is an arbitrary date, I often look for answers in times past to bring guidance to the future.  You look upon the year that has passed and try to gaze into the whole year ahead of you. It’s open to be however you determine it to be. The end of 2016 year embraced me with handwritten sentiments from the families that I cook for. There was a beautiful theme to them “Thank you for taking such good care of us this year” and “We are blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for all that you do.” I look ahead with the same regard…

These notes meant the world to me and I teared up a little reading them (true and that’s not just the peri-menopause talking).  I was honored that my peoples took the time to write these meaningful words.  Upon reflection this is exactly what I desire to accomplish with my business; create a meaningful relationship where my clients have a sense of comfort.  People hire me as an expert to cook delicious, wholesome meals and get their precious time back from arduously preparing family dinners.  Over time, I am able to cultivate more than just providing dinner.
I set out to understand my clients and I try diligently to do so with grace.  My satisfaction abounds when I bring someone exactly what they are looking for in nourishing meals.  I love to get to know my clients and figure out what makes them tick (I was a psychology major in college, it helps!) If someone in their family is craving my slow roasted herbed salmon salad, a double cut pork chop with crispy brussels sprouts or even meatloaf (yes, I get “strong” requests for my meatloaf!), it is my pleasure to make it so.  When I get a last minute request to cook a  dinner for someone who is on a no-dairy, no carb “can you please make fish and vegetables interesting for my birthday dinner”? The answer is always yes.  I would be happy to.  
Pistachio Ailliade Encrusted Halibut with Saute of Summer Vegetables coming right up! I love figuring out the puzzle of feeding people.  

My mother was a cleaning lady and taught me quite a bit about taking care of people.  In her mind and actions, she believed that it was a privilege to take care of others.  I didn’t always see her job this way, but, after some time in Europe I began to understand her ethos.  There I learned that there can be true pride in nurturing others. It was a refreshing perspective that reflected my Mother’s as well, and I work that mindset into my business.

I appreciate that my clients have shown me gratitude for taking care a part of their lives.  In this ever changing and tumultuous world, it’s always great to feel that there is mutual happiness out there.

“And the card attached would say, thank you for being a friend”  (my Mom really liked the Golden Girls…)

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