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NJ Biz article

It might seem like old hat that I’m getting interviewed by the local press, but, I’ll tell you, I am surprised and totally excited every time it happens. There is always this “aw, gee, shucks, really? you want to speak with little old me?”
It never gets old! The Monmouth Ocean Small Business Development Center recommended me for this article. Connecting with the Monmouth Ocean Small Business Center was certainly one of the best things I have done for myself and my business. Their support and faith in me is invaluable; it’s always nice to know that I have a safe place to bounce ideas off of, get support in every way possible and be treated like a true entrepreneur and serious business owner.

I have wanted my business to get discussed on it’s own merits, but this reporter drew something out of me that I haven’t really spoken about in the past. I just realized that I have been in business now for two years, so I guess I was ready to talk about my desire to succeed given my past.
I’ll save the whole story for a book someday, but in this article you get a
small glimpse of where I’ve come from.

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