Welcome Back Relish

Welcome to my new website – sort of “Relish 2.0.” After three years, it was time to update and add features and more details about who I am, what I provide as a personal chef and why I love what I do. Three years is a blink in certain parts of my life, but in…

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Asbury Park Press Article


I’m in the business section of the Asbury Park Press today. I am thrilled and humbled. I work hard, and love what I do everyday. I couldn’t have done this without the friends and family that support me and listen to my nonsense, the MOSBDC and the awesome WOMEN who have hired me and continue…

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Dream A Little Dream Of Greens

Aero Farms

On a cold and snowy day and I was walking on an unfamiliar sidewalk in Newark, NJ.  I was looking for a door, not unlike Willy Wonka, to find a place where I heard they grew salad greens indoors. Was this really possible?  In Newark?   Well, I can now tell you that the answer…

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Yes, I Take Requests

Love Chef Marcy Ragan

Do you find that January is a time of reflection? Even though it is an arbitrary date, I often look for answers in times past to bring guidance to the future.  You look upon the year that has passed and try to gaze into the whole year ahead of you. It’s open to be however…

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Open Here for Peace, Love, and Happiness

peace berry

You probably have enough time in the “hustle bustle” of the season to read this email as I have enough time to write it…which means you have about 35 seconds before moving on to hiding the heavy Amazon box labelled “trampoline” delivered begrudgingly from your fave UPS guy (sorry, you’’ll get cookies!), ordering Fresh Direct…

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When the Perfectionist Meets Reality…

Perfick Photo

I have a yogi friend who owns a yoga studio. He has been in business for a long time and one day we were speaking about being small business owners – the triumphs and the troubles. He said something to me that I found very confusing and somewhat liberating. He said something to the effect…

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Top 5 Tips for Hiring a Personal Chef

How to find a personal chef

You’re tired, you’re hungry and the last thing you want to do after working and running around all day is make a healthy meal for you and your family.  Instead of ordering a gutbomb from the Italian place or eating a freezer burned old entree imagine coming home to fresh, healthy and organized meals made just…

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Want to know my deepest secrets…then Relish this blog!

Relish Your Chef blog

Hello there and welcome to my Blog. I have had two posts so far and I haven’t introduced myself yet! Sorry, I don’t want to be rude so “Hi!” -Welcome Everyone to this new blog space. I am also featuring this blog in my newsletter, “The Weekly Relish” so if you’ve signed up for that,…

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