The ABCs of Overcoming Picky Eaters

WeForum 2018 logo - Chef Marcy Ragan talks picky eaters

The ABCs of Overcoming Picking Eaters (hint: they are the smallest members of your household) I have a friend whose son eats only three things. Just three. No substitutions. He eats pasta. He eats chicken nuggets. He eats bread, white bread.  That list never changes and those items have been all that’s on the menu…

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JBJ Soul Kitchen Welcomes Chef Marcy Ragan: Join Us

JBJ Soul Kitchen

Please join us for a special Guest Chef evening at JBJ Soul Kitchen with Chef Marcy Ragan of Relish Your Chef. For this one of a kind, 5-course dinner, Chef Marcy Ragan will pull from one of her most powerful influences, Rock and Roll. Guests can expect bold flavors and enchanting nuances showcased in her…

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What Could Be Better Than The Cooking Channel?


I will tell you what is better. Having a chef come to your house, ahem, like myself, to teach you how to cook. I have had an increased interest in my cooking parties these days. What is a cooking party? It goes a little something like this – a group of friends hunger to get…

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Rumson Kitchen Tour Recap

Relish Your Chef Rumson House Tour

Relish Your Chef is just coming off of a successful run at the Rumson Education Foundation’s Kitchen Tour, which is an event that benefits the local Rumson Public Schools. Eight homes in all were on the tour and yours truly was featured in a very unique and special home of the McCarren Family. Every detail…

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Cherry Bombe Jubilee with Martha Stewart

Cherry Bombe Martha Stewart

The green shoot of excitement is budding for Spring – I have so many ideas to share. A great way that I started off the Spring was the Third Annual Cherry Bombe Jubilee Conference in New York City. Cherry Bombe is a great publication that celebrates the hard work, know-how and glory of women in…

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