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I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This, But…


I will tell you a secret, I like grilled chicken.  I like eating grilled chicken, I like making grilled chicken (ooh don’t get me started on sexy, well made grill marks) – I love making chicken.  My husband tells me that I am a chicken whisperer, for I make a damn fine whole bird (it’s…

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Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

Nice Loaf

“Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could wake up, In the morning when the day is new…” Greetings and Salutations to 2017!  Happy New Year!  We made it!  At the beginning of a new year, it’s logical that people like to start things off right on a clean slate, healthful eating included.  One of the…

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…Give Me Something Good To Eat

Relish Your Chef Turkey Chili

As Halloween approaches, I think about all of the things I have to do: are the Halloween costumes for the kids almost complete, did I buy enough candy and what am I baking for the school Halloween party?  I also like to think about what my family and I are going to eat for dinner…

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Need Some School Lunch Solutions – Problem SOLVED!

Healthy Back to School Lunches

Ah, back to school time!  The air will be getting crisp and the leaves will crunch beneath our feet.  School clothes neatly laid out the night before but, wait, what am I going to pack for my kids’ lunch every day?  Read on for some expert solutions to please any palate. Sending your children in…

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Relish Express Menu for Week of November 9, 2015

Arugula, Toasted Almond, Slivered Date, Orange and Parmigiano Salad with Sherry Orange Vinaigrette- Bright, Sweet, Tart and Satisfying Stuffed Poblano Peppers with a Black Bean and Smoky Tomato Ragout and Melted Monterey Jack Cheese – Slow Cooked Black Beans with Fire Roasted Tomatoes, placed in a Poblano Pepper, topped with melted Monterey Jack Cheese, vegetarian.…

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