What exactly is the Relish Your Chef meal service?

Relish is a custom meal service that includes delivery. All meals are tailored to my clients' needs and preferences. It’s small batch and cooked just for you and to your specifications.

What are the benefits to choosing your service over buying fresh ingredients and cooking meals myself?

In a word, time. My clients may or may not have the cooking prowess, but they certainly do not have the time to plan, purchase and execute fresh and healthy meals week after week. These same clients save money over time with my service, because no raw ingredients are wasted, there is less take-out in their lives, and they receive delicious, varied, and healthy options ready-to-go.

Is there a subscription fee?

No, there is no fee to be a Relish client, but I do need to know in advance if you will be going on vacation so that I can plan my schedule to serve you better.

How do I know what or how much I need to order?

I want clients to order meals based on their preferences, their lifestyles and any dietary goals they may have.

As for quantity, the minimum order is two meals/entree selections per week. A meal is one menu item with its accompaniments listed in the meal description. The meals are priced for the number of people in your household, up to 6 portions. Each separate meal takes a unique time to make. It’s cost efficient for you to order several portions of the same meal if you find a meal you and your family love.

What defines a “meal?”

"2 meals" means two different menu items for 1-6 servings, "3 meals" means three menu items for 1-6 servings and so on. 

The groceries are then added to the meal plan price. Groceries for a family of four for 3 meals/week "typically" amount to $65-90 a week. Contact me for meal plan pricing through the “Hungry for More” form.

How do you handle menus if our family has allergies, dietary restrictions, specific habits or aversions?

It's not a problem. I cook based on your requests. If you are eating paleo, gluten-free, no-nut, or clean diet, all you need to do is speak up and I can handle it. I can be a creative, food ally in this department.

Do I purchase or provide the ingredients?

No. After you place your order for the week, I get to work. I do the shopping and then I prep, cook, package the meals and clearly label them all.
Your meals come with a Menu/Instruction Sheet with heating instructions and a step by step mixing guide. If you ever have any questions, just reach out and I’m here to help.

How much flexibility do I have with the various ingredients in my menu items?

You choose the kind of proteins, vegetables, etc you would like me to use. If you want organic vegetables, that's fine, just tell me. Prefer organic, wild or pasture-raised - the answer is yes.
You also control the amount spent on the grocery bill. I always look for the best looking ingredients at the best price at Whole Foods. I have the unique ability, typically, to buy the exact amount of what I need for your meals that week. I know that store like the back of my hand and I am able to shop very effectively there.​

Is it possible to make tweaks to the menus items you send out each week?

Yes. Over time, we’ll get to know each other and I will learn about your preferences and the specific ways to make your taste buds happy. You are free to tweak menu items by adding/editing/deleting items as you see fit. If you are ever craving something that you don't see, just ask me and I will make it. 
If you thought something was too spicy, need a bigger portion of vegetables, less protein, etc, just let me know and I will correct it for next time. If you want the same dish over and over, that's fine too. Everything is made by hand from scratch for you in small batches.

How often do I place my Relish orders?

My clients order from me weekly. I send menus on Wednesdays and they make their choices by 9 a.m. on Saturday for the following week.

What are the delivery days for the meals I’ve selected?

All deliveries are made on Mondays and Tuesdays. Once you’ve chosen your delivery day of the week, that is your consistent day.

Can I change my delivery day if I need to?

Yes, you can change it if necessary and if I know in advance. I like to know my clients' schedules at least a month in advance, so that I can accommodate and serve you well.

How do I receive the meals I ordered?

Everything is delivered to you, gratis.

How will my Relish meals be packaged and will I constantly be tossing out containers?

I don’t believe that convenience should be an environmental decision. If you receive Relish meals as a gift or are a non-regular client, your prepared meals will be delivered in disposable, biodegradable packages. If you’re not home for deliveries, your food will be kept fresh in a reusable cooler.
I have regular clients invest in the glassware Snaplock system of food containers. These serve as excellent, durable and environmentally-loving delivery containers as well as perfect vessels to heat and serve dishes. They are also sturdy and dishwasher safe, and the investment/deposit on the glassware is only $35.00. 

I would like to provide a Relish service to someone as a gift. Do you do this?

Absolutely! All Relish services are deliciously giftable and are perfect for new moms, an aging parent or relative, someone recovering from surgery or who is home-bound, a new neighbor or coworker who has just relocated, or simply someone you love in Monmouth County or the Jersey Shore.

Do you have gift cards or certificates if I’m not sure what to give?

I do! Just contact me through the “Hungry for More” form and I’ll get everything set up for you.

What is your minimum number of guests for catering?

Two. I cater for couples celebrating an anniversary, for Valentine’s Day, a Welcome Home for a new mom or traveling spouse or other special occasions. I also cater for groups up to 100.

What’s the maximum number of people I can invite to a cooking lesson or party?

I can teach you solo or a group up to 14 people works. If you have more people, we can figure that out accordingly.