Chef Marcy Ragan

Imagine my surprise when I opened my inbox two weeks ago and saw an email request from an Asbury Park Press reporter. “Did I have time to discuss my business with her?” she asked. Yes! I sure did!

The very next day, I spoke with the reporter Sarah at length about my passions; cooking and excellent service. My path to becoming a personal chef was a lengthy one and the seed was planted a long time ago when in culinary school I was accepted as a stage (culinary apprenticeship) at the Consulate General of France in NYC. I worked with the family and head chef in the kitchen and learned how an intimate relationship can lead to elegant cuisine.

A photo shoot was scheduled for soon thereafter.  Now I have learned a bit here and there about shooting photos of food for my Instagram account, but this was next level.  Everything had to be perfect because someone else had the final say in what was being put out to the world. When I finally decided on what dishes of mine would look good on camera, I had to get over my nerves of being with someone I didn’t know taking pictures of me and my food.  Would I look ok – friendly, calm and attractive enough to think that someone would like to hire me someday?  I slathered on plenty of make up, got my food together and went to my clients’ home, who graciously let me use their beautiful abode for the shoot.

The shoot went very well and I left no detail to chance.  The article that came out last Thursday was a joy for me to read and I was happy that I was able to express myself and my business well.  My article was featured in the Luxury Living section of the paper which brought to light some common themes that run throughout my business and my life.  Luxury is to be able to get what you want, how you want it, every time.  Time after time I continue to patronize brands that provide excellent quality and continue to last, so that the benefit from my investment endures.  In the intimate relationship I have with my clients I am able to custom tailor menus and dining experiences to their lives.  Eating well now may seem an ephemeral pleasure however the benefits to your health and well being are long lasting.  Consider that an investment in eating well now is an everyday luxury that can only benefit your future and bring a tremendous return in a healthier life for you and your family.

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Asbury Park Press Luxury Living – Personal Chefs article


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