Terms of Service

Relish Personal Chef Terms of Service:

Eat well. You’ve earned it. Relish looks forward to making your life more delicious with custom food preparation tailored to your preferences and the occasion. Whether all Organic, just the Dirty Dozen, or a little bit of both, the choice is always yours, ensuring meals that are both convenient and suited to you.

Fees-Relish’s services are priced with a Chef Service fee + groceries. The Chef Service fee is based on hours of work performed for all services related to meal preparation. Typically this includes 30 minutes to prepare Client’s customized menu, one hour for grocery shopping, plus actual time worked for meal preparation. Travel time for grocery shopping and meal delivery is gratis.
The grocery bill is separate from the Chef Service fee to allow the Client more control over their meals. There is no mark-up on groceries, and Relish will provide weekly receipts for all groceries purchased.
There is no charge for the initial consultation. Prior to the initial delivery, Relish will purchase Snap-Lock Glassware to ensure proper storage of Client’s prepared food, and will provide receipts to the Client. While it is expected that the glassware will be dishwasher cleaned after each use and set aside for pick-up during the next delivery cycle, it will be the property of the Client should you decide not to continue with Relish.

Payment-Payment of the Chef Service fee, groceries, and glassware, if applicable, is due at the time the meals are delivered. An itemized invoice will be e-mailed to you on the afternoon of the delivery day to allow review prior to delivery. For meals prepared by Relish in your home, payment is due at the end of Relish’s work day.

For your convenience, Relish accepts payment by cash, check, and all major credit/debit cards, with a 3% convenience fee for all credit/debit card payments and a $35 fee for any check returned for insufficient funds. Please make all checks payable to Relish Chef Services, LLC.

Menu Selection-To enhance the convenience of meal planning, Relish creates proposed menus with seasonality in mind, using local and/or organic ingredients. A proposed menu is just a starting point; tailor it or change it out if your cravings are taking you in a different direction. Relish will email a proposed menu at least 3 days prior to your next delivery. Simply contact Relish within 24-36 hours of receiving your proposed menu and advise if the menu for the week is acceptable or of any changes you would like to make.
Meals come with full heating and serving instructions, and if you have any questions, just text or call Relish; we’re happy to help. Relish will follow up with you after you’ve enjoyed your meals, taking note of your feedback and preferences for consideration in future proposed menus.

Schedule and Delivery-When you book your first personal chef service session with Relish Chef Services, LLC (heretofore “Relish”), Client accepts the terms of service defined herein for Relish. At that time, you will be asked for your major credit card information to reserve a weekly spot with Relish Chef Services. Relish and Client will agree in advance on a scheduled delivery frequency and delivery time. If Client needs to reschedule or cancel a scheduled delivery, Client must advise Relish in writing at least 48 hours in advance. For any cancelations within 48 hours, Client will be charged 3 Chef Service hours that week. If it is possible for Relish and Client to agree to a rescheduled delivery time for the week, Client will be charged 1 additional Chef Service hour for that week.

Relish and Client may alter the scheduled delivery time up to 24 hours in advance. If for some reason the Client is not home and cannot be reached by phone, Relish will take the delivery back to the Relish kitchen and hold until further notice. Client will be responsible for contacting Relish to arrange another scheduled delivery time. Client will be charged the full Chef Service and grocery fee for any undelivered food.

We look forward to working with you. Let Relish make your life more delicious. Eat well, You’ve earned it.

Relish Catering Terms of Service:
Relish is a full-service catering company. We look forward to tailoring a menu for you.

Work Performed- Please note that there is some behind the scenes work that Relish Chef Services LLC does in order to prepare for your event. That may be, but not limited to, preparing menus to suit your event, editing such and inspecting the event location. The initial catering consultation for your event is complimentary. After the consultation, Relish will include two hours of planning time. If after the initial planning time, Client needs redrafting of the menu or subsequent site visits, Relish reserves the right to charge additional planning time. Please respond to any emails regarding the proposed menu within 48 hours regarding changes, additions or substitutions, the earlier a menu decided, the better. If Relish Catering does not hear from the client within 48 hours, Relish will assume that the proposed menu has been accepted. If you need more time to review please ask for more time.

 If it is not drop-off catering but full service, service is billed at $25/hour per server/bartender. Chef service is $75/hour. There is a minimum of 4 hours for each worker. Server/bartender/chef fees are paid separately from food bill please. If traveling outside of the Monmouth County Area, travel time will be billed at the above service rates. If a delivery of catering food only and no service, a delivery fee may apply. Service is not taxable. Catering food will be subject to a NJ 7% tax.

Cancellations- Must be made 5 days prior to event. If the event is cancelled 2 to 4 days prior, customer is responsible for paying for 25% of the food total. If cancelled the day before or day of the event, customer is responsible for paying for food total and balance can be paid by check or cash must be brought in person.

Inclement Weather – In the winter months when snow is predicted, Relish Chef Services LLC will reach out to the customer to make a decision regarding catering. Relish LLC needs a full 48 hours notice if you are thinking of canceling or postponing the catering. If the decision is to go ahead with the catering event, the customer is then responsible for payment in full, no matter what the weather brings.

Deposits and Payments- A deposit of 25% is required in cash, check or credit card two weeks before the event or as soon as menu is agreed upon if event is less than two weeks away. A credit card number will be taken to hold your event, regardless of how payment final payment is made. Checks can be made out to Relish Chef Services LLC and sent to PO Box 661 Rumson, NJ 07760. The remainder of payment is due at the end of day of your event. Please note that service will be billed separately from food. Credit card charges are subject to a 3% convenience fee.

 The total number of people in attendance at your event is required 7 days prior to the function. This total will be considered final and is not subject to reduction. Should your guest count increase, you will be billed for additional guests at the rate agreed upon in the contract.
 If a menu is set with a price per person or item and said menu needs to be changed or revised, changed menu is subject to a price change.

Thank you! We look forward to making your event special.