Welcome to my new website – sort of “Relish 2.0.” After three years, it was time to
update and add features and more details about who I am, what I provide as a
personal chef and why I love what I do.

Three years is a blink in certain parts of my life, but in business – especially when
it’s entrepreneurial and so deeply personal – it’s also many lifetimes. I had no idea
when I began this venture that it would take me where it has. I hoped for steady,
satisfying work for myself, happy and nourished clients and the opportunity to
share with others not just the benefits of eating well, but the joy of it. Those came
to fruition, but I’ve also found myself in sustained, cherished relationships with
sommeliers, wellness coaches, yogis, farmers and other foodies as well as the
beloved families and clients I serve. It’s been amazingly rich and beyond my

This new site was a collaboration, but I want to give special thanks to my brand
specialist, web designer and friend Sandra Scaiano who has worked with me from
the beginning and my writer, editor and pal Val Leeper, who helped me shake
loose all that I had to say.

We personal chefs are a breed and our working hours and lives are idiosyncratic,
tailored to others and often wild. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I believe that
what separates me from other personal chefs is my level of engagement, creativity
and investment in my clients’ satisfaction. While I AM a working personal chef,
with a client base that is growing, I’m also a part of my community and have been
featured in the Sickles magazine (see Press) and work with a network of others
who cater to health, cuisine, food service, farm to table in Monmouth, etc.

My goal with this site, my social media presence and this blog is to include you in
parts of that life and to share experiences, new discoveries, and of course food
along the way. I hope that you’ll range around the site, follow me on Instagram and
Facebook, reach out with questions and thoughts and remember to eat well. You’ve
earned it.