Well folks, I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that I like filming videos for Relish.  Must have been that obsession with the video camera my best friend and I had when we were 12, making our own versions of popular videos back in the day (Heart’s “Alone” and anything by Tiffany were my personal strengths, gosh I hope no one finds those ever…) Anywho, I’m cooking up a new concept I’m calling “Relish Monmouth”, where I visit establishments that are of interest to me and hopefully you too.  I promise that they will be sassy, fun and informative.

For the first Relish Monmouth, the famous SICKLES MARKET of Little Silver, NJ let me do a flower arranging video for Mother’s Day.  I was really honored that they let me work with them.

Enjoy this piece and learn about making a gorgeous flower arrangement for that special someone in your life.