It’s almost Father’s Day! Think of the guy that you love; who fills your wine glass at the end of the day and who brushes your two year old’s teeth when you’ve had enough of the whining. Yes, that guy! Doesn’t he deserve a thoughtful gift for his special day? Yes! He does! If you haven’t thought of anything yet, have no fear, Relish Your Chef has the perfectly curated gift for him.

Working with local artisans and specialty purveyors I have put together

Firstly, my friend and local wood artisan, Andy Weiss, has created these beverage caddies.  They are made from local Monmouth County cherry wood in Andy’s shop. Andy dried the wood himself in his solar kiln and then got to work. Each caddy has a bottle top opener for sake of ease. Both bottles and cans fit in this beverage holder. It is a substantial gift on it’s own.  Fill it with cans of Carton 077XX, bottles of Kona Longboard or even Roar Organic.

Next up we have my famous “Pork Jack”.  Pork Jack is an addictive snack; that features Relish-made pork cracklings, roasted cashews, pequin peppers, rosemary and roasted garlic. It’s crunchy, spicy and craveable; the signature of any good snack. I personally make these pork cracklings; hand-cut and without additives. Pork cracklings are also Paleo! The cracklings are made with pastured raised pork from my friend Jessica at the Green Duchess. Her animals are pasture-raised in Somerset County and she sells at the Sea Bright Farmer’s Market. When your guy needs to wipe his hands or brow, I included a little bit of fashion in the kit. Handmade pocket square by the Belle and the Beau. I picked a classic yet modern gingham blue pattern.  Each pocket square is 12”x12” and lined with a white fabric. Rounding out this kit is a little fun…Made in the USA Aerobie “Squidgie” Glow in the Dark flexible flyer. It’s comfortable to catch, floats in water, glows in the dark and dogs love it!

The “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” Includes:

  • Handmade NJ cherry wood beverage caddy
  • Local pork “Pork Jack” made by Relish Your Chef in small batches
  • Made in USA Squidgie Flexible Flyer
  • Made in California blue gingham pocket square


  • $65.00, excluding tax
  • Pick-up at Page Chiropractic on Friday June 16 between 3-6 pm
    (51 Memorial Pkwy  Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716)

If you are interested, please email me at relishyourchef@gmail.com with subject “Father’s Day”.
I will invoice you via Quickbooks, please pay with a credit card, and then come pick it up.

Relish Your Chef makes Father’s Day a breeze with a curated gift your Dad will love!